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Hi, my name is Bob Francis, aged 67, living in Briton Ferry, South Wales. I first started keeping Budgies in 1969. I went along to a local Cage Bird Society , ( Neath CBS),and got involved in running the Show. I was made Show Secretary within a few weeks and then later Secretary until the club folded through lack of interest.

I then joined a newly formed Budgerigar Society, ( Afan BS), in a nearby town which had broken away from the Cage Bird Society and soon became their Secretary. This went on for a few years and the few members who done all the work were fed up not getting help from the members and this also folded. I built all their staging for them so I was a bit put out.

Whilst being Secretary of Afan BS I decided to become Editor of The South Wales and Monmouth BS, as the then Editor Barbara Perry had left the area to marry Stan Moizer

in the Somerset area. I then joined the Council of the South Wales and Monmouth Budgerigar Society, which later changed its name to "The Welsh Budgerigar Society", in order to keep up to date with what was going on. I am still on the Welsh BS Council having held all positions except Chairman.. Since 1993 I have been Secretary & Treasurer and more recently also Subscription Secretary.

In 1985 I became a Delegate for the Welsh BS onto the Council of the Budgerigar Society whose offices are in Northampton. I am still on the Budgerigar Society Council and have been a member of all the sub committees except the Show Committee at some time since then.. I am currently a member of the General Purpose and Finance Committee and also a Board member.

In May 2009 I had the honour of becoming President of the Budgerigar Society, taking over from Geoff Capes, the former Worlds strongest Man. I am currently the 2nd longest continuous serving Council member on the Budgerigar Society Council. Only Roger Carr as been there longer continuously.

I am also a Budgerigar Society Panel Judge.