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Photographs taken at the Welsh BS Convention by Bob Francis.

Convention 2012 Best in Show Chris Atkinson

Best in Show.
Skyblue Cock owned
and bred by Chris Atkinson

Chris Atkinson receiving the
Best in Show award from Roy Watkins,
The Welsh Bs President

Champion Any Age Champion Young Bird

Best Champion Any Age
Dave Starling

Best Champion Young Bird
Thomas & Wall.
Dai Wall receiving the award

Intermediate Any Age Intermediate Young Bird

Best Intermediate Any Age
Vic Rutter

Best Intermediate Young Bird
Mike Saunders

Novice Any Age Novice Young Bird

Best Novice Any Age
Chris Atkinson

Best Novice Young Bird
Ian Weeks

Beginner Any Age BeginnerYoung Bird

Best Beginner Any Age
Mark Thomas

Best Beginner Young Bird
Graham Evans

Junior Any Age & Young Bird Most Firsts

Best Junior A/A & Y/B
Lewis Otteson

Most Firsts ( Beginner or Novice)
Mark Thomas

Breeder of the Year 2011

Breeder of the Year 2011

Champion Breeder 2011

Breeder of the Year 2011
Mrs Allison Evans

Champion Breeder 2011
Mrs Allison Evans

Intermediate Breeder 2011

Beginner Breeder

Intermediate Breeder 2011
Malcolm James

Beginner Breeder 2011
Lee Day
photo by Phil Jeremiah

Junior Breeder

Junior Breeder 2011
Kion Francis

Show Reports by Chris Atkinson

This report was sent to Cage and Aviary Birds and The Budgerigar Magazines

June 16th saw the Welsh BS Specialist/Rare and Welsh Convention shows held at the Memorial Hall, Morriston, Swansea. Judges Gren & Pat Norris had a busy morning sorting out just under 300 birds.

Best in Show winner of the Convention was a Skyblue Ck shown in superb condition by Chris Atkinson, closely followed by a Grey Green Ck from Dave Starling.
Nice to see another new Junior, Lewis Otteson, showing for the very first time winning both junior awards. Congratulations Lewis, His Dad was a first time exhibitor in the Beginner section as well. There were several new members showing for the first time at this show which was very encouraging for the future.

Speakers were Beveley & Laura Hutt who gave the exhibitors an interesting and informative talk keeping them thoroughly entertained.until lunchtime, Then it was off to the local hostelry for lunch. What a great day out.


Best in Show – Skyblue Ck – Chris Atkinson
Champion A/A – Grey Green Ck – Dave Starling
Champion Y/B – Normal Green Ck – Thomas & Wall
Champion Barhead – Opaline - Thomas & Wall
Intermediate A/A – Cinnamon Ck – Vic Rutter
Intermediate – Y/B – Spangle Hen – Mike Saunders
Novice A/A – Skyblue Ck – Chris Atkinson
Novice Y/B – Cinnamon Ck – Ian Weeks
Novice Barhead – Cinnamon – Hemmingway & Kinninmonth
Beginner A/A – Cinnamon Ck – Mark Thomas
Beginner Y/B – Opaline Ck – Graham Evans
Junior A/A – Normal Blue Ck -- Lewis Otteson
Junior Y/B – Normal Blue Ck – Lewis Otteson


Lutino – Guppy & Barnes
Albino – Dave Game
Yellow-wing – Guppy & Barnes
Whitewing – Colin Brickwell
Crest – Not Awarded
Spangle – G&P Sexton
Dominant Pied – Rob Taylor
Recessive – Rob Taylor
Yellowface – Dave Starling
Rare Variety – Not Awarded
A.O.C – Ron Wiltshire


The Welsh BS Breeder of the Year and Champion Breeder for 2011 is Mrs Alison Evans with 109 points. This is the fifth time that this popular exhibitor has won this award and it is great credit to her for the support she has shown to not only the Welsh BS but all the other societies in South Wales.

In an incredibly close finish in the Junior section Kion Francis pipped Nathan Saunders by one point to secure the section.

Breeder of the Year

1st Alison Evans
2nd Malcolm James
3rd Denzel James


1st Alison Evans
2nd Thomas & Wall
3rd Dave Starling


1st Malcolm James
2nd Vic Rutter
3rd Mike Saunders


1st Denzel James
2nd Ian Weeks
3rd Alan Thomas


1st Lee Day
2nd Dave Gillard
3rd Jeff Burns


1st Kion Francis
2nd Nathan Saunders
3rd C. Elliot

Next Welsh BS show on the agenda will be the Area Show held at Llanwern High School (on the old site of Hartridge High School), Newport on 26th August. Judges – Brian Reese, Jeff Attwood, Mick Freeborn, Andy Thorpe

Young Stock Show at The Memorial Hall, Morriston, Swansea on 14th October. Judge – Dominic Avo. Speakers Terry & Linda Jukes.

For further information telephone secretary Rob Francis on 01639-770296 e-mail r.francis77@ntlworld.com or visit our website www.welsh-bs.co.uk

Chris Atkinson

Publicity Officer


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